The Good Life Experience festival - Hawarden /  North Wales

"Founded by a broadcaster, musician and writer Cerys Matthews, record industry and arts consultant Steve Abbott and retailers, farmers and authors Charlie and Caroline Gladstone",  The Good Life Experience festival in Hawarden / Northern Wales turned into a very popular place to be with the family and friends every September over three days. 


A place where both you and your children can see and experience many forgotten crafts, fantastic food (some of it cooked on the camp fire), very carefully chosen music, great books, lectures on various topics related to the outdoors, axe throwing, archery, tree climbing, leather-working, pottery, dancing and many other things that will most certainly bring you a lot’s of joy and engrave wonderful memories for the rest of your life.


Steve Abbot, Cerys Matthews, Charlie Gladstone and Caroline Gladstone

Left to right: Steve Abbot, Cerys Matthews, Charlie Gladstone, Caroline Gladstone

It happened that my wife, our two boys and I are there every year since it started and I have used that opportunity to snap around whatever I could.   

The festival content is so wide and rich that makes it impossible to see everything and photograph it all in three days.

Every year I've been trying to capture the ambient with my camera and tell a story that cannot be told otherwise. 

Hope I have succeeded and that you will enjoy it