Serbian Folklore Ensemble "St. Eliah" - Corby

May 18, 2016

Being away from your own country and yet being able to keep tradition and customs is quite demanding and challenging. In many situations you have to give up on something. You need to dedicate your free time to activities that are entirely voluntary which is always very hard and time consuming. There are all sorts of things that you might hit on the way to achieving your goals and you have to be very persistent, strong and to believe in what you are doing to get there.


The team from Corby with Milovan Maksic -Max (professional choreographer), Milica and Nenad Rakocevic, Father Vido Vukovic as well as Milana Cvijanovic, Borka Bozic, Dragoljub Nikolic and many others have got themselves there and have achieved in three years something that many couldn’t in a lot longer period. They broke through all the obstacles and difficulties and in 2013th managed to form a new Serbian Folklore Ensemble they named "St. Eliah" out of respect to Serbian Orthodox Church St Eliah  where Father Vido Vukovic was serving. 

The idea behind all this was to involve as many people as possible, but children and young first, in nurturing Serbian tradition and customs through the dance and also encourage development of creativity in the field of art and culture.


Many have come forward and joined the group. All ages in one place and all together proudly present and nurture Serbian tradition through the dance and traditional costumes from different parts of Serbia.

The group is growing and will take everyone interested in Serbian style dance and music.


I had an opportunity to spend the day with them and photograph the folklore for their 3rd anniversary and must say that I have not seen a long time so many smiles in one place. So much positivity, happiness and joy in all of them. Hard work paid off at the end and one big "WELL DONE" to all of those who were and still are part of it.


We made a few shots around midday in the church of St Eliah in Corby and then went out. Luckily we had a lovely weather and have managed to spend about two good hours shooting outside in the local park.  All of the members were in traditional clothes all this time and have attracted a number of very curious onlookers around the park but were still proudly walking around and showing the beauty of handmade costumes made in Serbia.


I must say that I had a lovely day and great experience that day and have to thank Milica, Nenad and Max for a hospitality and wonderful time I spent in Corby.
















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