The Photography Show - Birmingham 2016

March 28, 2016

Whether you are a PRO or a newbie, The Photography Show in Birmingham has a lot to offer to everyone.  This year I have booked the entry pass some time before the show and desperately wanted to see some of the speakers, but nothing was available online at that time and had to get there to do it.

I have planned the day and came there quite early, but soon left really disappointed as few things i came to see were sold out.  

Anyway, i couldn't do anything about it and decided to stick to the plan i had before (just without those i couldn't get - GRRRRGH!!!!).

Huge number of people was lining up  to get in and eventually, the curtain was lifted at exactly 10:00 (there was even a quite exciting countdown).

There were over 200 photography brands and over 150 specialist experienced speakers across a range of genres.

To be honest, the plan that i had didn't work as well as i was hoping. Unfortunately i had only one day and had to decide where first. So i've spend quite some time in Adobe Theatre and Canon Stage, where among the others i've managed to see the great British Fashion Photographer Lara  Jade, and in between the lectures i've been hanging around and trying out new stuff.  

Great new Canon EOS-1D X Mark II came out and there were quite few nice studio pieces that i truly liked. It was also great to see and touch certain products such as backgrounds and prints as there are many of those that you can find online but not all of them are good and you might easily end up quite disappointed. 

Many spots for a business advises, copy rights or even photography business in social media.  I've managed to talk personally to some of the speakers, got interesting connections too and also took few shots of the models around the hall.

At the end of the day, a quick dinner and back on the train to London. Great day, great people, amazing products and all in all, it's was worth it and can't wait for next year show. 

What is absolutely brilliant is that it took me just a little bit longer to get to Birmingham and also get back to London than to reach some parts of London it self.

Euston - Birmingam International, actually, Ladbroke Grove - NEC Birmingham just over one and a half hour. 

I would strongly recommend this event to whoever is in the photography in any way. It's invaluable experience and place that can completely change your understanding of Photography. 

But, get your place on time and book everything you want to see a lot before you get there. 

I've learned it.  

Here is the link if you are interested:

Thanks for reading.


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