The Good Life Experience Festival 2015 - Hawarden / North Wales

March 14, 2016




Since it’s my first blog, I have decided to pick something colorful, cheerful and for everyone to enjoy and perhaps join this year.


This was only the second year of The Good Life Experience festival in Hawarden - Northern Wales and yet, it proved to be one of the most amazing places to be again.


Founded by Cerys Matthews, Steve ‘Abbo’ Abbot and Charlie and Caroline Gladstone, the festival turned into a very popular place to be with the family and friends. A place where both you and your children can see and experience many forgotten crafts, fantastic food (some of it cooked on the camp fire), very carefully chosen music, great books, lectures on various topics related to the outdoors and many other thigs that will most certainly bring a lot’s of joy and engrave wonderful memories for the rest of your life.


First year (2014th) my wife Jelena and I went there on our own and there was not a minute that we didn’t think of how our two boys would enjoy every single part of it. Therefore, we have decided to take them there last year and, although being very suspicious at first, the boys had unforgettable time and can’t wait to go there again.


They were free, on their own with the friends they met there. Exploring, making things out of what they found in the bushes, playing around the camp fire, eating a lots of ice cream and sugar foam (Hmmmm!!!???) and getting dirty without even thinking of mum and dad saying “no”.  Even more, we were happy to see them experiencing something we grew up with and socializing with the kids around without gadgets or any of the "modern world stuff". Rolling down the hill, playing thug of war, braking the pumpkins and covering themselves with the straw.


We also had an opportunity to try archery, axe throwing, bow and arrow making even bang the carnival hammer bell.


Everyone had an chance to show their dancing skills when Revolucionarios Cubano music band started warming up the crowd for what was about to come in the big tent and anyone could join free salsa lessons. And for those who like good cigars, there was also a spot with great choice next to it.


As the day was passing, the music in the big tent was building up, even more people were showing up until it reached delirium at some point after 8pm when mums and dads could remember some good times before the kids :) (Pssst!).


Well… our boys were there too until some reasonable time like 9:00-10:00…. Or something :) 






At some point “The Big Boss Man” music band came on stage and everyone went bonkers. You don’t actually see so many smiles and so much happiness in one place often. The band have returned for an encore quite few times and it really lasted some time. We all wished they never came off the stage. 


Once that was over, for the passionate ones, there was more music and unplugged performances around the campfire of pretty much whoever was willing and was able to either play or sing. Usually, the members of the performing bands join and it all turns into a wonderful night.


And all this lasts three days. Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Can you believe it!?


So much for everyone to see and try and it’s really hard to catch it all.


I will have to repeat myself from the first year and say that "this festival is not only a good life experience but really extraordinary and most certainly once in the life time experience".


I wish I could say more and tell everything about it but don’t think it would ever be enough.


Hope you enjoy the photo story that might tell you more, and join us this year. (Sorry for so many photos but, again, even this is not enough to show how it really was)
















































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The Good Life Experience Festival 2015 - Hawarden / North Wales

March 14, 2016

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