September 23, 2016

It was big last year. But this year grew even bigger and better.

"The Good Life Experience" family festival in Hawarden/Northern Wales with its outdoor activities and forgotten crafts, returned in full shine with its hosts and founders: BBC broadcaster, singer, author and a songwriter Cerys Matthews with her husband music producer, ex-singer and songwriter Steve "Abbo" Abbott and William Gladstone's descendant, successful businessman and the owner of the festival's land Charlie Gladstone with his wife Event Organiser at The Good Life Experience, Caroline Gladstone.

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Over the three days thousands of people could enjoy many outdoor activities such as archery,

wood working,

bow and arrow making, 

 or knitting.

To see how pottery is made,

how blacksmith makes axes and many other things all around the site.

Music was everywhere. "DJ.78" and "Donna Somerset – Vintage Mobile Di...

June 19, 2016

Hi everyone,
We finally did it and I must say that all of you who didn't come have missed really educative hour and a half.

Photo: David Sladek

Those who came had a chance to hear at the beginning a brief history of photography and later on to learn about the exposure settings as well as how to compose photos.

Both Goran and I had a great time and based on the comments and feedback we received after the lecture we got an impression that everyone else did enjoy it too.
We tried to focus on all those things that people would like to hear when it comes to making a good shot and how to use more or less any "photo taking tool" to get the maximum out of it.
Attendees were involved in the lecture and had opportunities to ask questions as well as to answer several via electronic voting cards. 
And at the end they could hear a bit about what's in the market today and got some advice on what to do and where to go when it comes to deciding on what camera to buy.

All in all, it was a really nice exper...

May 18, 2016

Being away from your own country and yet being able to keep tradition and customs is quite demanding and challenging. In many situations you have to give up on something. You need to dedicate your free time to activities that are entirely voluntary which is always very hard and time consuming. There are all sorts of things that you might hit on the way to achieving your goals and you have to be very persistent, strong and to believe in what you are doing to get there.


The team from Corby with Milovan Maksic -Max (professional choreographer), Milica and Nenad Rakocevic, Father Vido Vukovic as well as Milana Cvijanovic, Borka Bozic, Dragoljub Nikolic and many others have got themselves there and have achieved in three years something that many couldn’t in a lot longer period. They broke through all the obstacles and difficulties and in 2013th managed to form a new Serbian Folklore Ensemble they named "St. Eliah" out of respect to Serbian Orthodox Church St Eliah  where Father Vido Vukovi...

March 28, 2016

Whether you are a PRO or a newbie, The Photography Show in Birmingham has a lot to offer to everyone.  This year I have booked the entry pass some time before the show and desperately wanted to see some of the speakers, but nothing was available online at that time and had to get there to do it.

I have planned the day and came there quite early, but soon left really disappointed as few things i came to see were sold out.  

Anyway, i couldn't do anything about it and decided to stick to the plan i had before (just without those i couldn't get - GRRRRGH!!!!).

Huge number of people was lining up  to get in and eventually, the curtain was lifted at exactly 10:00 (there was even a quite exciting countdown).

There were over 200 photography brands and over 150 specialist experienced speakers across a range of genres.

To be honest, the plan that i had didn't work as well as i was hoping. Unfortunately i had only one day and had to decide where first. So i've spend quite some tim...

March 14, 2016


Since it’s my first blog, I have decided to pick something colorful, cheerful and for everyone to enjoy and perhaps join this year.

This was only the second year of The Good Life Experience festival in Hawarden - Northern Wales and yet, it proved to be one of the most amazing places to be again.

Founded by Cerys Matthews, Steve ‘Abbo’ Abbot and Charlie and Caroline Gladstone, the festival turned into a very popular place to be with the family and friends. A place where both you and your children can see and experience many forgotten crafts, fantastic food (some of it cooked on the camp fire), very carefully chosen music, great books, lectures on various topics related to the outdoors and many other thigs that will most certainly bring a lot’s of joy and engrave wonderful memories for the rest of your life.

First year (2014th) my wife Jelena and I went there on our own and there was not a minute that we didn’t think of how our two boys would enjoy every single part of it. Therefore,...

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The Good Life Experience Festival 2015 - Hawarden / North Wales

March 14, 2016

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