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Nenad Obradovic

Hi and thank you for visiting this page.


I was born in Serbia in 1978 and live with my family in London / Notting Hill since 2007.


My passion for photography started at the end of the secondary school when I got my first digital camera. I loved to snap pretty much everything around. But portraits were always something that stood out and I enjoyed the most.


At the beginning of 2001 I got married to wonderful woman who helps me to go through all good and bad times. She is my first advisor J , is a great mum and great wife. We have two wonderful boys who make me proud.


At the end of 2001 we started a photographic studio and shop offering services, from wedding and event photography, portraits and families, passports photos to developing films and printing photos. Relatively quickly we got a good reputation and a growing successful business.


But a strong will for achieving more in our life made us decide to move to UK. It was a very tough decision to make because we had to leave family, friends and our business, but we did it.


Continued with the photography as a freelance and apart from portraiture, since 2007 I have covered many events such as presidential and royal visits, diplomatic events, high religious events, gala diners, corporate events, concerts, theatre plays and festivals.

My photos have been featured on numerous websites such as Songlines, BBC, Daily Post, Wales Online, Metro, Radio Television Serbia, Blic, Serbian Royal family website, Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra etc. etc.


My mission is to provide outstanding service by capturing clients’ personality and natural expressions while minimizing their flaws.


To offer them comfortable photography sessions based on their vision and enjoyable experience in front of the camera and to allow them to relax and reveal their true personality.


To create lasting memories with passion and enthusiasm in the way that has never been captured and to make sure that every client is thrilled with my services as i will guarantee it.


Please take a moment to look around my website to see if my styles suit you and if I am the photographer for you.


When not working i love playing piano, guitar and percussion that I very often do with my boys who play violin and drums. Enjoy the sports and especially football, basketball and roller-skating.


Hope you enjoy my website.

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